Castel Burgk

Day 111 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today’s photo was taken in the Nature Park „Thueringer Schiefer gebirge / Obere Saale“.

Taken from a lookout tower, called Saaleturm, it shows Castle Burgk and the river Saale, which meanders through the nature park.

I was fortunate with the weather because it had rained cats and dogs shortly before this picture was taken.

Especially the dark sky with thick clouds adds a particular drama to the picture.

Have fun looking at the photo!

Schleifmuehlklamm Waterfall

Day 81 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today’s picture portrays a waterfall, which is located in the Schleifmuehlklamm near Unterammergau.

The access to the waterfall was challenging because it was located at a very inaccessible place in the gorge. So I had to climb several hundred meters through the riverbed to reach the waterfall.

Fortunately, the water level in the gorge was not too high, and so I could reach the waterfall with partly dry feet.

First I tried to photograph the waterfall with a 14-24mm lens, but due to the light conditions inside the gorge and the trees above, I decided to use my 24-70mm Nikon lens.

For this waterfall, I also refrained from using filters, as the current exposure time was long enough anyway.

Have fun watching!

I am a new Soul

Day 59 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I got a coot chick in front of my camera. It didn’t show any shyness at all and swam around very calmly in front of my lens.

I had never seen so many young birds as this year. This is probably because this year I am dedicating myself very intensively to bird and wildlife photography.

It is great fun to watch the little ones taking their steps into the world!

Kienbach Waterfall

Day 58 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I revisited Kiental near Kloster Andechs to take another picture of the waterfall.

I had already visited the waterfall on May 26th, but due to the low water level of the Kienbach, the waterfall was hardly visible.

Unfortunately, the situation regarding the water level did not improve. Anyway, I tried to make the best out of the situation and photographed the waterfall from a different perspective.

I hope that the weather situation will improve and that we will get some continuous rain for some days.

Until then, you have to be satisfied with these photos.

Abandoned Places

Day 53 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I revisited the Kiental near Kloster Andechs, because, during my last visit, I came across this abandoned building, which reminded me somehow of Aztec ruins in one of the old Indian Jones movies.

So I decided to come back and get it framed.

The dark ambient light and the illuminated canopy of the trees created this extraordinary atmosphere, which really emphasized the ruin.

The reflections in the river additionally underlined the thin atmosphere.

I took the picture with my Nikkor 14-24mm wide-angle lens. I also used a polarization filter and a 0.9 neutral grey filter.

To find the correct white balance was quite challenging since the lighting was coming from multiple directions and sources.
In the end, the image works quite well, and

I hope you will tell me what you see or interpret in the scene!

Andechser Waterfall

Day 51 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Finally an extended tour in the foothills of the Alps again. This time I set out to photograph a waterfall near Kloster Andechs.

Since I did not know the exact location of the waterfall, I had to search the riverbed along the river Kienbach for a length of 5km. It took me almost 3 hours.

Fortunately, there was still enough daylight.

For the photo, I used a polarizing filter and a 0.9 ND filter. I also used my GITZO tripod and my MC-36 Remote Trigger.

It is a pity that the waterfall had a low altitude of water due to an extended reasonable weather period! For sure, I will revisit the fall after a rainy day.

I hope you like the picture.

Tazelwurm Waterfalls

Day 46 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Because of the excellent weather conditions and the bank holiday, I thought it would be an excellent idea to visit the alps for a photoshoot. For the trip, I set the Tazelwurm waterfalls as a destiny. Unfortunately, thousands of other people had the same thoughts too!

What was even more worth, the waterfalls were 100m off a well-known restaurant and recreational area, so lots of tourists in high heels and equipped with selfy-sticks visited the waterfalls.

I planned to employ my 10-Stop Neutral Density filter to soften and blur the water. Because there was a little wooden bridge on which I had to position myself to frame the waterfall and people walking on and off, sometimes even jumping around, it was impossible to use long shutter speeds. Therefore I gave up the plan and postponed the shoot to a later day when fewer tourists are around.

Nevertheless, I took one image to get an idea for the next shooting.

I hope you like it!

Glen Coe Valley

One of the most scenic journey through the Scottish highlands and is regarded as the home of Scottish mountaineering and is popular with hillwalkers and climbers.

Especially the suddenness of the transition between high mountain pass and the lightly wooded strath gives the valley its specific flavour!