Alpin Sunset at the Murkarspitze (3150m)

Day 123 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

This photo emphasizes the beauty of mountain landscapes.

It shows the Murkarspitze (3150m) during sunset.

I came back to my accommodation from a mountain tour lasting several hours and was just about to clean my equipment when I took a look out the window.

Immediately I noticed the reddish glow of the setting sun, which just about illuminated the top of the opposite peak.

I grabbed the camera and ran out to the balcony to capture this moment.

For the photo I used my Nikkor 70-200 mm F2.8.

I was fortunate because the moment lasted only a few minutes, and the glow disappeared.

I hope you like the photo!

Pieris Napi

Day 99 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

After the weather was superb again today, I looked for flowers and insects in the nearby fields.

This green-veined Whitebird appeared in front of my lens. It was not easy to take a sharp picture of the little guy, because he was flying around very excited.

Fortunately, I had my Nikkor 200-500mm f5.6 VR at hand, and with enough focal length, I was able to get a picture of him.

For me the first time I photographed a butterfly from diagonally below!

I was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness, as I was standing about 3 m away from the butterfly, holding the lens in my free hand:

Vibration reduction is an excellent thing!

Have fun looking at it.