Discover the Beauty of Birnbaum Water and Observation Tower: An Icon of the Upper Franconian Forest

Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of the Upper Franconian Forest in Germany, the Birnbaum Water and Observation Tower beckons travellers with its awe-inspiring presence.

Perched atop Birnbaumberg, this tower treats visitors to an awe-inspiring vista of the encompassing countryside.

Crafted from wood, the Birnbaum lookout tower stands tall at approximately 25 metres, its construction dating back to 2008, welcoming all who wish to ascend. Upon reaching the top, a panoramic spectacle unfolds, revealing the lush forests, rolling hills, and meandering valleys below.

A favoured spot among nature enthusiasts and avid hikers, the tower beckons exploration via several scenic trails that wind their way to its base. The ascent proves manageable and rewarding, promising a striking panorama as your prize.

To capture this moment, I used a 10-stop neutral density filter, allowing for a 25-second exposure. Serendipity smiled upon me as the sky parted just after setting up, casting the evening sun’s golden glow upon the tower’s flank. Without this fortunate turn, the scene would have succumbed to darkness.

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