Since 2 years, I am considering to launch a 365 Day Challenge, but did not convince myself to start it.

Now, due to the Corona Crisis, I am ready for it! As the first motif, I took my Maine Coon Lady “Leni”.

After being out on the Roof-Terrace the whole day, she took her afternoon nap, making it very easy for me to portrait her beauty because she did not move at all.

From time to time, she opened her eyes to check what I was doing in front of her. That was the moment I took the photo of her, capturing her beautiful eyes!

For the photo, I used the following settings:
F4.0, 1/80 sec, ISO 800, Focal Length 62mm, Nikon D850, Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8

World Forest

North America, Asia, Europe – including the Mediterranean region. A collection of trees from all over the world, the Bavarian State Arboretum, is being created on an area of around one hundred hectares in the Kranzberg Forest. Since the first plantations in 1987, more than 300 species of trees and shrubs have been planted, more than twice as many as there should ever be. If you walk along the winding paths you will be shifted more and more into a dream world, consisting of trees and bushes, which invite you to stay and guarantee experience.

As this was my first visit to the world forest, I am sure that this was not my last!

Last Resting Place

Wintertime! Low temperatures, bad weather, a short period of daylight, all influences that most photographers do not like. But for me, they open up new possibilities to depict the world in new perspectives and unusual light. Especially the low-lying sun with its long shadows and the ice-covered nature generate colour tones in unique forms. A real dream for the hardened artist and photographer.

Finally, snow again!

Brecherspitz, Spitzingsee, Schlierseer Mountains, Bavaria

After the previous weeks in December were snowless, it is lovely to finally be able to stomp in the snow. My first tour this time took me to the Spitzingsee, which is located at an altitude of 1084 meters.

The lake is surrounded by the Schlierseer mountains.

A relatively flat hiking trail winds around the lake, which invites you to capture winter impressions in many places. 

The best time, in my opinion, is around 4 p.m., when the sun slowly disappears behind the surrounding mountains and fog covers the lake. This is the moment when it gets really mystical!


Imleria Badia

Imperia Badia, Garching, Bavaria, 2019

When do you know that autumn is about to arrive? 

When you start seeing mushrooms popping up in the forests, fields and even in the gardens. I just discovered this pair of fungi, while en-route to the bakery to get bread rolls for breakfast this morning. Luckily, the spot was located at the western edge of our building, which provided shadow and cover to the rising sun.

I tried to get as low as possible and used a Litra LED Light to brighten the shadow areas at the front side of the fungi.

I hope you enjoy the image! Let me know what do you think!

Glen Coe Valley

One of the most scenic journey through the Scottish highlands and is regarded as the home of Scottish mountaineering and is popular with hillwalkers and climbers.

Especially the suddenness of the transition between high mountain pass and the lightly wooded strath gives the valley its specific flavour!