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Waikiki Beach Sunset – Just wonderful!

Impression of a wonderful sunset at Waikiki Beach. People gathering to watch the slowly disappearing sun behind the horizon. Just a dream location!

Underground Station Munich Messestadt Ost

The Underground Station Messestadt Ost’s capture, which was opened on 29 May 1999 and designed by Busse & Partner, Light design by Lingau.

Underground Station Messestadt West

Underground Station Messestadt Ost, opened 29 May 1999, designed by Busse & Partner, Light design by Lingau.

It seems a long time ago, busy times in Istanbul

Image of the gaudy balık-ekmek boats, bobbing in the water between the Galata bridge and the TurYol ferry docks. Not sure how it looks right now, because of…

The Island of Maui – Road to Hana, a Road to Heaven

I am on my way to Berlin right now! Seatting in the Train and going through my photo archive, when my I caught this image, which I took…

5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Photos of Nature

Whether plants, insects or animals, each of these subjects has its own beauty. Capturing and depicting this beauty in pictures is the high art of nature photography. Follow…

Winter Impression – Lake Garching, covered in snow and ice

It is always fantastic to walk through a winter wonderland! This year, we seem to have the luck that snow has also arrived on our location. I hope…

The island of Oahu – A rainy day at Waikiki Beach

Today, I was reflecting on my last trip to Hawaii, which was an outstanding experience! I took this image at Waikiki Beach shortly after a big rainstorm. You…

The Isle of Fehmarn – A Photographic Guide about the five most scenic locations.

The island of Fehmarn – also known as “The Golden Crown in the Baltic Sea” is considered one of the sunniest regions in Germany.  The 185 square kilometre…

Franconian Forest – Enjoying a fantastic View over the River Saale Valley.

Day 146 of my 365 Photo Challenge After returning from the far north, I headed straight back to the north of Bavaria, this time exploring the Franconian Forest….

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