Baltic Coast – Castle Gluecksburg during a rainy day

Day 141 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Unfortunately, due to a heavy workload, I couldn’t continue posting for my 365 Photo Challenge. Now with the new lockdown in place, I have the time to catch up with the reposting!.
Right after my return from the Isle of Fehmarn, I had to repack my suitcase and headed up north again. This time, I went to the Baltic Coast in the vicinity of Flensburg. One of my first motifs was the Castle Gluecksburg, which has an adjacent lake next to it.
So, I had the chance to frame the castle with its reflection. The incoming rain provided a dark and dominant sky.

I hope you enjoy the image as I do!


Day 110 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I roamed the woods around the Ködeltalsperre on my photo tour.

The drinking water reservoir Mauthaus – also called Ködeltalsperre – is a dam in Bavaria, which was built between 1968 and 1972 near Nordhalben for the supply of drinking water. As a secondary purpose, it serves flood protection, low water elevation and the generation of electricity from hydropower.

The dam offers a vast range of photo motives of the most different kinds.

It also shows its charm in all seasons.

The picture shows the starter, which is located about 4.5 km before the main dam.

I can only recommend everyone to include this place on one of their next holiday destinations.

Here the link to the website of Nordhalben, which is an ideal starting point for tours around the dam.

Anas platyrhynchos

Day 105 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Due to the excellent weather, I continued to concentrate on taking pictures of wild birds, plants and insects.

After I had already captured swans and wild geese in my pictures, I tried my hand at wild ducks today.

I discovered this example of a mallard duck close to the waterline of our local lake.

Their chicks had just made themselves comfortable in a reed group to spend the next hours sleeping. Like any mother, the lady duck naturally watched over her chicks.

Obviously, she did not consider me a threat and showed no shyness towards me. So I could approach her leisurely to take a full-size picture of her.

For me, it is imperative not to keep the animals from their usual activities and to expose them to unnecessary stress!

I hope you stick to the same!

Fulica atra

Day 100 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Now 100 days have passed since I started my Foto Challenge.

!00 days full of joy and daily growing enthusiasm. In the beginning, I was a little bit sceptical if I would find enough photo motives for every day. But as so often, I had to be taught a better lesson.

For today’s photo, I visited our local lake to take a picture in the field of bird photography. As motifs, I chose a coot and its chick, who swam along the shore of the lake searching for food.

As it was still very early, there were only a few people around the lake and the wild animals could pursue their morning activities undisturbed.

Unfortunately, this is only ever of short duration until the area fills up with noisy recreational activists,

Due to the Corona crisis and the associated travel restrictions, this year is particularly bad.

Nevertheless, I wish you a lot of fun while looking at the photo!

Misty Morning at the Lake

Day 80 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Although it is already summer, you still encounter fog in the area of the Ammersee.
The picture was taken in the area of the promenade of Dießen at the Ammersee.

There are still very few people around the shore in the early morning, which contributes to the diffused atmosphere.

The photo was taken with a 24-70mm lens, which I mounted with the camera on a tripod.

What I liked most was the reflection of the boats in the water, which had a smooth surface due to little or no wind.

For the white balance, I again used the automatic of the camera.

I think the result is impressive!

Ready for the family excursion

Day 75 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Another day at Ammersee.

There are still only very few people around the shore present, which makes the atmosphere at the lake very pleasant.

On the search for possible photo motifs, I came across this swan family, which had made itself comfortable on one of the landing stages.

Somehow it looked like the family was waiting for the next excursion steamer to make a family trip.

Wildlife photography can be so beautiful!

A foggy morning at Ammersee

Day 74 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today’s picture shows the beauty of a foggy morning at Ammersee.

The picture was taken around 08:30.

Actually, I wanted to visit the nearby bird sanctuary, but the fog thwarted this plan. Therefore I paid a visit to the promenade of Dießen.

Generally, at this time of the year, masses would be cavorting at the landing stage of the excursion steamers.

However, due to the Corona crisis, there were very few people on the promenade, which gave me enough space and time to find the right composition.

For the shot, I use my 24-70mm f2.8 lens, which I mounted on a tripod with my D850. To choose the right white balance, I relied on the auto setting of the D850, which did an excellent job.

I just needed to add a touch more warmth to the final image editing in Lightroom.

I hope you like the photo as well!

Look, how big I am!

Day 56 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I revisited our local lake to check whether the swan chicks had already arrived. Unfortunately, the Swan Female was still sitting in their nest and no signs of the swan offspring.

Instead, the male swan was very active in exploring its surroundings for additional food sources.

He did not show any scariness at all and willingly posed in front of my camera.

I hope it will be the same when the little chicks arrived.

It is not funny to be attacked by a male swan, trying to protect its offspring from assumed enemies!