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The Isle of Fehmarn – A Photographic Guide about the five most scenic locations.

The island of Fehmarn – also known as „The Golden Crown in the Baltic Sea“ is considered one of the sunniest regions in Germany. 

The 185 square kilometre island with its diverse coastline and wonderful landscapes in the north of Schleswig-Holstein invites you to various discovery tours. It is a paradise for wildlife and landscape photographers.

We have visited the 5 most important places for you and captured them in pictures.

#1 – Krummsteert-Sulsdorfer Wiek

The Krummsteert-Sulsdorfer Wiek/Fehmarn nature reserve is located at the south-western tip of Fehmarn. It has been in existence since 1980 and has been around 395 hectares in size since its redesignation in 2013. 

Together with the Sulsdorfer Wiek and the areas in between, the nature reserve forms a complex of four ecosystems: The spit peninsula of Crooked Tartar, the western part of the other bay, salt marshes with brackish water ponds and the Sulsdorfer Wiek.

As you can see from the description, it is a paradise for wildlife photographers and Landscape photographers. Long lonely beaches invite you to take coastal landscape photographs.

Furthermore, there is the lighthouse „Flügge“ in the immediate area of the nature reserve. The lighthouse is accessible for visits and offers with its 37.5 meters a far-reaching view.

If the weather is clear, you can not only overlook the beautiful island of Fehmarn from there but even look as far as Denmark.

#2 – Wallnau Waterfowl Reserve

Wallnau/Fehmarn Waterfowl Reserve is a nature reserve in the west of the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn. It was established in 1977 and is an important nature reserve for migratory birds. The nature reserve covers an area of around 297 hectares, consisting of ponds, reed beds and meadows as well as part of the Baltic Sea and the beach area. The reserve is maintained by the Naturschutzbund Germany (NABU).
More than 270 bird species use the areas of the nature reserve as a resting and quiet place on their migration. Around 100 species breed in Wallnau, including rare bird species such as the red-necked grebe and the little tern. 

On the territory of the reserve, there are several observation hides from which you can observe the wild birds in their natural habitat from a few meters distance.

#3 – Westmarkelsdorfer Huk Nature Reserve

The Markelsdorfer Huk at the north-western end of Fehmarn is a headland and part of the 750 ha nature reserve „Nördliche Seeniederung Fehmarn“, which stretches from Bojendorf via Westermarkelsdorf along the north coast to Puttgarden.

The landscape is characterised by wet meadows, reed belts, various lagoons and the Markelsdorfer Huk.

#4 – Gruener Brink Nature Reserve

The Gruener Brink is a 134-hectare nature reserve on the north coast of Fehmarn, which has been protected since 1938. The nature reserve is well developed by several pedestrian paths for walkers. Only a part of the beach is closed to public traffic from 1.4. to 30.9.

While the deeper beach lakes in the west are important as breeding grounds for the red-necked grebe, the large, shallow eastern beach lake is a resting place for numerous waders.

Due to the central location of the Grüner Brink on the waterbird migration route of the Fehmarn-North Sea waterway, almost all native wading bird species can be observed here regularly.
The Green Brink is a breeding ground for many rare water birds. In a year, up to 170 bird species are counted. The good development of the area offers numerous good observation possibilities.

#5 – Lighthouse Marienleuchte

One of the most famous sights of Fehmarn is the lighthouse „Marienleuchte“. It still serves as a cross and orientation light in the Fehmarnbelt.

The red-and-white striped building is 40 metres high and can be seen from afar. In 1964, the tower was built of reinforced concrete, replacing its predecessor, a square tower of yellow brick masonry. The old building was built by the Danes in 1831 and is now a listed building.

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