Tazelwurm Waterfalls

Day 46 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Because of the excellent weather conditions and the bank holiday, I thought it would be an excellent idea to visit the alps for a photoshoot. For the trip, I set the Tazelwurm waterfalls as a destiny. Unfortunately, thousands of other people had the same thoughts too!

What was even more worth, the waterfalls were 100m off a well-known restaurant and recreational area, so lots of tourists in high heels and equipped with selfy-sticks visited the waterfalls.

I planned to employ my 10-Stop Neutral Density filter to soften and blur the water. Because there was a little wooden bridge on which I had to position myself to frame the waterfall and people walking on and off, sometimes even jumping around, it was impossible to use long shutter speeds. Therefore I gave up the plan and postponed the shoot to a later day when fewer tourists are around.

Nevertheless, I took one image to get an idea for the next shooting.

I hope you like it!

The Large Red Sphere

Day 45 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I visited the City Centre of Munich for maintenance of my Nikon D850. It took the Service Point one hour to clean and services my camera. It left me enough time to visit the nearby located Old- and New Pinakothek for a short location scouting for one of my upcoming photo projects.

I also visited the Turkish Gate, which currently hosts the sculpture Large Red Sphere by the American artist Walter De Maria.

I liked the sculpture very much, especially the reflection of me, photographing the scene. 

Hope you enjoy the image!

Syringa Meyeri

Day 44 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I could only spend minimal time for my Photo Challenge due to professional requirements. Therefore my dwarf-scented lilac had to be the motif today. Fortunately, we had great weather, and the sun shone with very soft light.

I concentrated on the flowers directly, which I separated from the background with a large aperture.

The soft green in the background and the pink flowers harmonize perfectly.

Also this time I refrained from using a tripod to find the best shooting angle.

Hope you like the image!

Nesting Swan

Day 43 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I revisited our local lake to see if the swan chicks have already hatched from their eggs.

Unfortunately nothing new so far. The mother swan is still sitting in her nest and no sight from the little ones.

Luckily the weather is stable now, and the temperature was pleasant, which makes it easier and more comfortable for the chicks.

Have fun!

Euphorbia nicaeensis All

Day 42 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Due to the approaching good weather, I started again today to search for plant motifs and came across a Euphorbia nicaeensis All, also known as Nice spurge.

I took the picture with my Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VRII, again I don’t use tripods to get the best possible angle.

A little tip for you, if you are shooting freehand, always take the longest focal distance of your lens as the exposure time. That way, you can make sure that your pictures are really in focus!

What fascinated me, especially about this plant was the impression that it is a living being with many heads and arms. So it seemed to me.

How do you see that?

Let’s go for a walk!

Day 41 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Finally a day without rain!

Of course, I had to take advantage of this and visited the nearby lake to see what the goose family is up to.

Just when I arrived at the lake, the whole family was on their way back to the lake after a hearty breakfast.

I couldn’t avoid capturing this sight with my Nikkor 200-500mm f5.6.

Have fun watching it!

The little things count as well!

Day 40 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Another rainy day! So lots of opportunities to catch images of raindrops on plants or flowers.

In this image, I liked the way how the drops kept holding on the plant to extend their lifetime.

To commit, I never concentrated so much on raindrops before. Perhaps they are so small and you may oversight them because of their littleness.

That’s one of the positive side-effects of a 365 Photo Challenge, sharpening your eyes for the little things in the world.

So I encourage you to start your own 365 Challenge and refind yourself in a new world with lots to discover!

Have a beautiful day!

Raindrops keep falling on my Head

Day 39 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Due to the continuous rain, I had the intention to focus on taking pictures for my exhibition „Proportion“. While I was thinking about the realization of ideas, my eyes wandered over the plants on my roof terrace.

I became aware of raindrops, settled all over on the flowers and plants, glittering in the diffuse light of the sun.

Of course, I had to take my camera immediately to capture these compositions.

I paid particular attention to this Allium schoenoprasum, known as chives, which tilted forward due to the wetness of its flower and thus collected many raindrops along its stem.

Especially these photos make me aware again what a great artist nature is!

Deep inside of me, I know that I am a King!

Day 38 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

After the weather was persistently bad, I continued to concentrate on motifs for the exhibition „Proportion“.

For quite some time now, I had a composition of a chess piece and a shadow cast in mind.

Here I also wanted to emphasize the difference in size between the pawns and the king’s shadow.

It was not easy to make the shot. Mainly to work out the outline of the shadow costs me a lot of headaches. But in the end, it was worth it not to give up and finish the shot.

Let me know if you want to know how I created the shot!

Have fun guessing!

A glimpse of a Taste

Day 37 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I took the time to continue taking pictures for our future exhibition of the German Chapter, Royal Photographic Society with the topic „Proportions“.

It is not an easy topic, because it is very complex and leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

After I stumbled over these spoons by chance in the kitchen drawer, I thought they would be very suitable for this theme.

I used a slate plate as a background, which was placed close to the balcony door to illuminate the scene with the soft ambient light.

I also use spices to add colour to the composition. To find the ideal viewing angle, I refrained from using a tripod, which would probably have restricted me too much.

The only problem was to find the right photo aperture for adequate depth of field. But after about 30 attempts I finally managed to solve that too!

Hope you don’t get too much appetite for a hot meal!