The Oskar von Miller Tower

The Oskar von Miller Tower is the meteorological measuring tower of the Technical University of Munich in Garching, completed in 2010.

This would actually have been my photo for the 26th day of my 365 Photo Challenge. Due to the lousy weather, I changed to another topic. When the weather suddenly improved, I had to get out again and started an attempt.

But I will try it back in the next days. This time from different angles and perspectives.

The Three Sister

Day 26 of my 365 Photo Challenge

Actually today I had intended to photograph a building at night. Due to the heavy rain, I had to change my plans. So I adjusted a rain interruption in the afternoon and made my way to the adjacent Isar floodplains to photograph plants there. Once again, I had a lot of luck. Not far from my house, I discovered these three dandelion flowers close together and asked to be photographed.

Again I used my Nikkor 70 – 200 mm lenses, which as always, provided a beautiful bokeh.

This time I use my tripod to get on eye level with the flower heads. It was not easy to find the right composition. In the end, I had to fix the one or the other flower as well as grass stalks with stones on the ground to get a free run on the 3 dandelion flowers. But I think, in the end, it was a successful shot!

Have fun watching it!