The Berlin TV Tower

Day 94 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

My second day in Berlin. Also today I went on the tourist tour to photograph landmarks of the city during the day.

Here I concentrated on the „Alex“, the television tower of Berlin. Actually, I thought about a black and white shot, but I liked the result in colour after development so much that I left it in colour.

I would like to thank the dove, who added that specific something to the picture. I had taken about 50 photos from all directions, but without the dove, the image seemed empty and boring. About 20 pigeons were sitting on the concrete construction underneath the tower, but only one felt called to put itself more in the scene.

As an outlook for you, the next photo of Alex I will take in the night hours.

So stay, tuned-in!

PS: For more information about the tower, follow this link:

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