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Underground Station Milbertshofen

Day 72 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I visited the underground station Milbertshofen.

The platform, which is covered with light-coloured panels, is illuminated from large reflectors mounted on the ceiling as a canopy. The fluorescent tubes are alternately tilted outwards and inwards.

The hexagonal columns were covered with reddish shining granite. The turquoise primed rear track walls are fitted with horizontally running support elements, which are covered with mosaic glass tiles.

This arrangement is only interrupted in the middle, as there are significant support elements with red and blue mosaic tiles.

Also here I use a shallow camera angle and a 14-24mm lens to avoid falling lines.

This is the ninth photo for my Munich subway station project. Unfortunately, it is now becoming more challenging to find new stations. But that’s the way it is with photography, you have to continually invent new ones to be able to continue to take attractive pictures.

Have fun watching.

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