Day 14 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Finally, after a long while, I set out to frame a landscape image.

I used the local lake of Garching, situated in the North of Munich. Although the weather forecast promised more dominant clouds the day before, on the day of the shoot, only a few were present.

Nevertheless, I tried my best to capture the morning glow of the rising sun in the sky, incorporating the calmness of the lake and the sky’s reflection in the water.

To compensate for the different exposure in the sky, the trees in the middle of the frame, and the lake in the foreground, I used two grated neutral density filters.

I used one for the sky, in a general direction and one in the upside-down position.

Finally, I added a circular polarizer to increase the details of the clouds in the sky.

For sure, I will repeat the shooting when there are more dominant clouds available.

Enjoy the image!

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