Anas platyrhynchos – Mallard Duck enjoying Life

Day 125 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

After my tour in the Ötztal valley, I went on to the Franconian Forest in the district of Kronach in Upper Franconia.

Today’s tour led me through the Langenau Valley, where an extensive network of hunter’s trails runs through the forest.

At one of the small lakes, I came across a group of mallards, which had settled down there.

After I had positioned my camera with my telephoto lens, suddenly 2 of the ducks moved towards me.

They showed no shyness at all as if I was their parents. Very unusual, as the place is not or only slightly frequented by people.

So I had the good fortune to photograph the ducks at close range. Sometimes I had to increase the distance to the ducks again and again because I could not capture them entirely in the viewfinder with my telephoto lens (Nikkor 200-500mm F5.6 VR).

I was practically pressed by the ducks, a dream of every nature photographer.

Have fun looking at the photo.

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