Aruncus dioicus Fernald

Day 78 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Despite the bad weather, I took the opportunity for a trip to the foothills of the Alps. This time I visited a remote and little known gorge near the Ammersee.

It is lovely to be all alone. No tourists, no would-be alpinists who do everything just for a posting on Instagram or Facebook.

Just to be in nature, to let the noises affect you and to watch the animals and insects at their goings-on.

Today’s photo portrays the beauty of the Bride’s-feather, a plant from the rose family. This plant is actually only found in the wild in North America. In Europe, it is mostly cultivated as a garden plant. Wild-growing specimens are usually runaways that spread locally via pollen flight.

I immediately noticed the Bride’s-feathers because of their white flowers, which seemed to me like fairy hair in contrast to the dark environment within the wet canyon.

I hope you feel the same way? If not, tell me what you see in it!

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