The Three Sister

Day 26 of my 365 Photo Challenge

Actually today I had intended to photograph a building at night. Due to the heavy rain, I had to change my plans. So I adjusted a rain interruption in the afternoon and made my way to the adjacent Isar floodplains to photograph plants there. Once again, I had a lot of luck. Not far from my house, I discovered these three dandelion flowers close together and asked to be photographed.

Again I used my Nikkor 70 – 200 mm lenses, which as always, provided a beautiful bokeh.

This time I use my tripod to get on eye level with the flower heads. It was not easy to find the right composition. In the end, I had to fix the one or the other flower as well as grass stalks with stones on the ground to get a free run on the 3 dandelion flowers. But I think, in the end, it was a successful shot!

Have fun watching it!

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