Vaccinium Myrtillus

Day 18 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Although 18 days have passed by, my motivation for the photo challenge is still high. Every day that is my feeling, it gets easier and more comfortable to concentrate on the upcoming photo and to find new motifs.

For today’s image, my blueberry bush had to serve as photo motif.

It is now three years old, and while in the previous two years the yield of blueberries was meagre, this year a record yield of berries is about to be achieved.

I liked the way the diffused sunlight highlighted the flowers in the shadow on my rooftop balcony, creating this beautiful soft bokeh in the background.

The only thing I had to do was to choose the right Aperture, and Exposure to ensure enough sharpness in the middle of the frame and to blur the busy background to draw your attention solely on the flowers!

Be inspired, be fascinated, be motivated!

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