Together we are strong!

Day 20 of my 365 Photo Challenge

Today I was experimenting with a chess game.
I used my 50mm lens again. To light up the scene, I used the available light from my large window.

For sure, it was not the last image of it.

So for now – enjoy the photo!

Chill the Base!

Day 17 of my 365 Photo Challenge

Today my Maine Coon tomcat Charlie had to step in again as a model. It was pure luck that he snuggled up against the pillow with the inscription „Chill your base“.

Because of the very bright window light, it was not easy to find the right exposure for my black cat.

I used spot metring and paid attention to the details in the shadows. As you can see, it worked!

Then have fun while watching.

Spring is all-around!

Day 16 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

It is visible; Spring is all-round, and wildlife shows great hectic to prepare for the breeding season.

To be precise, I heard him before I could see him. He sat on a low-hanging branch and twanged excitedly and loudly.

After I spotted him, I could see the caterpillar in his beak. It seemed to me that he wanted to show everyone what he had caught proudly.

He was so engrossed in his activities that I was able to bring my camera into position and take several photos of him without a hurry.

Sometimes you have to be lucky!

Being in Love!

Day 15 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

On this day, I went out to our local lake to capture the busy wildlife around 05:30 in the morning. No other persons were around, and I had the whole area from my alone, allowing me to enjoy the sunrise and the awaking wildlife.

Since one week, a Mute Swan Couple has settled at the lake. During this morning, it was so beautiful to watch their early courtship.

With no rush and seems to hover, they were conducting their circles around the lake, volunteering as models in front of my Nikkor 200-500mm.

Enjoy the image, and I hope you will get your chance to watch some swans by yourself.

Nodding Dachshund

Day 12 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

For the 12th Day, I stuck to my 50mm lens and Close-Up Photography.

As a Motif, I used a well known German figure, the Nodding dachshund. It is comparable with the Elvis figure on thousands of dashboards, wobbling around with his body while in driving.

For exposure, I used natural light again from the window and a little white card as a filler for the left side of the dachshund.

To get a more decent sharp depth of field, I switched to F2 on my Nikkor 50mm F1.4.

Although being artificial, it looks so alive! It is funny, don’t you think so as well?

Dendrocopos Major

Day 10 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today, I spent another visit to our local lake, which is surrounded by lots of wildlife and flowering plants.

To my delight, a couple of woodpeckers were chasing around from tree to tree, completely forgetting the environment around them.

It made it easy for me to capture a full body shot of one of them.

Preparing the Net

Day 3 of my 365 Photo Challenges!

Until now, everything runs smooth, and motivation is still high.

During a diet, they say that day three is the most difficult one and if you have passed through that day, the chances to keep up with it, doubles! So lets finger crossed!

Although day three was an easy photo challenge day because I took the photo right on my balcony.

Since a couple of days, a little „Great Tit“ (Parus major) revisits me early in the morning, collecting nesting material from one of my roof-top-trees.

I just employed my Nikkor 200-500mm F5.6 and took the images handheld. The soft sidelight from the rising sun illuminated the Great Tit correctly. I only waited for the right moment when a kick light showed up in the Great Tit’s eyes and triggered the shutter release button.

Hope you enjoy the photo like I enjoyed making it!

Out, for now!

Second day of my 365 Photo Challenge.

This time, I took the image very late in the evening. I thought about the shooting all day, but work kept me away from getting all the pieces together for it. Finally, it had been 22:00 when I was able to start.

Nevertheless, it was great fun to set-up the scene and to adjust the lighting and position.

The set-up required only a few items. As a light source, I used a LitraTorch, shading and directing its light with a pair of running gloves (Did not find any other things!).

The torch I fixed on a Manfrotto Single Arm 2 Section. The rest was just tweaking the angle of light and adjusting the position of the snail shell.