Castel Burgk

Day 111 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today’s photo was taken in the Nature Park „Thueringer Schiefer gebirge / Obere Saale“.

Taken from a lookout tower, called Saaleturm, it shows Castle Burgk and the river Saale, which meanders through the nature park.

I was fortunate with the weather because it had rained cats and dogs shortly before this picture was taken.

Especially the dark sky with thick clouds adds a particular drama to the picture.

Have fun looking at the photo!


Day 110 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I roamed the woods around the Ködeltalsperre on my photo tour.

The drinking water reservoir Mauthaus – also called Ködeltalsperre – is a dam in Bavaria, which was built between 1968 and 1972 near Nordhalben for the supply of drinking water. As a secondary purpose, it serves flood protection, low water elevation and the generation of electricity from hydropower.

The dam offers a vast range of photo motives of the most different kinds.

It also shows its charm in all seasons.

The picture shows the starter, which is located about 4.5 km before the main dam.

I can only recommend everyone to include this place on one of their next holiday destinations.

Here the link to the website of Nordhalben, which is an ideal starting point for tours around the dam.

Schleifmuehlklamm Waterfall

Day 81 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today’s picture portrays a waterfall, which is located in the Schleifmuehlklamm near Unterammergau.

The access to the waterfall was challenging because it was located at a very inaccessible place in the gorge. So I had to climb several hundred meters through the riverbed to reach the waterfall.

Fortunately, the water level in the gorge was not too high, and so I could reach the waterfall with partly dry feet.

First I tried to photograph the waterfall with a 14-24mm lens, but due to the light conditions inside the gorge and the trees above, I decided to use my 24-70mm Nikon lens.

For this waterfall, I also refrained from using filters, as the current exposure time was long enough anyway.

Have fun watching!

Aruncus dioicus Fernald

Day 78 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Despite the bad weather, I took the opportunity for a trip to the foothills of the Alps. This time I visited a remote and little known gorge near the Ammersee.

It is lovely to be all alone. No tourists, no would-be alpinists who do everything just for a posting on Instagram or Facebook.

Just to be in nature, to let the noises affect you and to watch the animals and insects at their goings-on.

Today’s photo portrays the beauty of the Bride’s-feather, a plant from the rose family. This plant is actually only found in the wild in North America. In Europe, it is mostly cultivated as a garden plant. Wild-growing specimens are usually runaways that spread locally via pollen flight.

I immediately noticed the Bride’s-feathers because of their white flowers, which seemed to me like fairy hair in contrast to the dark environment within the wet canyon.

I hope you feel the same way? If not, tell me what you see in it!

Look, how big I am!

Day 56 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I revisited our local lake to check whether the swan chicks had already arrived. Unfortunately, the Swan Female was still sitting in their nest and no signs of the swan offspring.

Instead, the male swan was very active in exploring its surroundings for additional food sources.

He did not show any scariness at all and willingly posed in front of my camera.

I hope it will be the same when the little chicks arrived.

It is not funny to be attacked by a male swan, trying to protect its offspring from assumed enemies!

Awaiting food delivery

Day 54 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

It is always fascinating to see how much effort birds put into nest building to give their young a protective home.

The young birds are the offspring of a pair of dippers.

The nest was located in the area of a rock face near a stream.

Just observing the young birds and their parents were so much fun that taking pictures became a minor matter.

Andechser Waterfall

Day 51 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Finally an extended tour in the foothills of the Alps again. This time I set out to photograph a waterfall near Kloster Andechs.

Since I did not know the exact location of the waterfall, I had to search the riverbed along the river Kienbach for a length of 5km. It took me almost 3 hours.

Fortunately, there was still enough daylight.

For the photo, I used a polarizing filter and a 0.9 ND filter. I also used my GITZO tripod and my MC-36 Remote Trigger.

It is a pity that the waterfall had a low altitude of water due to an extended reasonable weather period! For sure, I will revisit the fall after a rainy day.

I hope you like the picture.

Rosa rubiginosa

Day 50 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I took the opportunity of a small weather improvement to photograph the remaining spring flowers again. Initially, I planned to take more pictures of wildlife in the local floodplains, but due to the approaching rain, I had only a short time window.

It was so short that I didn’t even find the time to change the lens. So I had to use my Nikon 200-500mm f5.6 lens to take this shot of the sweetbriar rose freehand.

It was a bit surprising how sharp the image became in the end.

Now I just have to get used to the relatively long distance for the close-up limit of the lens, then the photos succeed right at the beginning.

I wish you all a peaceful start to the week.

Nesting Swan

Day 43 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I revisited our local lake to see if the swan chicks have already hatched from their eggs.

Unfortunately nothing new so far. The mother swan is still sitting in her nest and no sight from the little ones.

Luckily the weather is stable now, and the temperature was pleasant, which makes it easier and more comfortable for the chicks.

Have fun!