Model Sedcard: Beate

Day 112 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Due to the bad weather, I had a studio session today. After a friend of mine needed photos for her Model Sedcard, it was the perfect opportunity to improve my skills for portrait photography.

As light setup, I used 3 light sources, which I took over from the famous photographer Peter Hurley.

If you take a close look at the model’s eyes, you can guess the arrangement of the studio flashes.

It is precisely this arrangement that conjures an extraordinary reflection in the model’s eyes.

For you as a hint, you should want to try this setup, on Youtube, you can find several videos from Peter Hurley, in which he describes this setup.

Have fun trying it out!

That’s me!

Day 57 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I had to run into my studio to take a self-portrait for an interview by the Royal Photographic Society, featuring RPS volunteers during the UK Volunteer-Week.

Surprisingly, they have chosen me, a German Citizen, for such an event!

Now to the technical details of the shot.

As a background, I used a black PVC sheet. For the lighting, I used a single Studio strobe equipped with a rectangular softbox.

I placed the strobe on the right site.

On the left, I positioned a black Gobo to reduce the bouncing light from the softbox.

As a trigger, I used the timer function of my D850, which I set on 10 seconds delay. It left me enough time for triggering the timer and then run back into the set and find the right location and to pose my self correctly.

In the end, everything worked quite nicely, and the result is not too bad!

What do you think?