Leni – the Princess

Another image of my little Maine Coon lady „Leni“.
In this image, I captured her, relaxing in her wigwam and enjoying the sun. Sometimes I ask my self whether she is fully aware that she is the superstar of the moment?
Of course, it is better for me, allowing for photos of such kind!

I hope you enjoy it!

Model Sedcard: Beate

Day 112 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Due to the bad weather, I had a studio session today. After a friend of mine needed photos for her Model Sedcard, it was the perfect opportunity to improve my skills for portrait photography.

As light setup, I used 3 light sources, which I took over from the famous photographer Peter Hurley.

If you take a close look at the model’s eyes, you can guess the arrangement of the studio flashes.

It is precisely this arrangement that conjures an extraordinary reflection in the model’s eyes.

For you as a hint, you should want to try this setup, on Youtube, you can find several videos from Peter Hurley, in which he describes this setup.

Have fun trying it out!

My latest Photography Flyer

Yesterday, I finalised the latest version of my photography studio flyer. The flyer contains information about my fields of photography and gives an overview of my services and their prices.

Of course, there is still room for improvements, but first let’s see how it works.

I am open for recommendations from your side!