Underground Station Boehmerwaldplatz

Day 63 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Another rainy day. Therefore I decided to continue with the creation of photos of subway stations in Munich.

The destination of my photo trip today was the subway station „Böhmerwaldplatz“, which is located in the district „Bogenhausen“.

The platform is located in a curve and has a row of columns in the middle of the platform.

These columns are covered with green enamelled metal sheets, which are tree-shaped in the upper area, which reminds of the eponymous Böhmerwald. This „tree row“ spans almost the entire platform area.

The walls are clad with light blue metal sheets, which offer a sharp contrast to the bright green.

I decided to photograph the station with one of the columns directly in the middle to continue the surreal look.

I hope that I succeeded?

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Lieber Chris,
bei dieser Aufnahme stimmt einfach alles. Die Zentralperspektive, die Lichtbänder genau in die oberen Ecken, die Belichtung, die Waagerechten, die Senkrechten. Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

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