Underground Station Westfriedhof

Day 62 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Because of the bad weather on this day, I went into the underground. I have had planned this shot for almost a year.

Due to a considerable workload at work and home, I never managed to visit the station before.

So, I was quite happy, finally being able to frame the station in an image. The station looks so surreal with its vast ceiling lights, which shine in different colours.

It took me a while before the station became empty. In the end, I had to stop people passing my location, leaving the space empty for me to take the photo.

For the shooting, I utilized my Nikon D850 on my GITZO tripod, attached with a Nikkor 14-24 mm f2.8. Composition wise, I used the Life view mode to get the right angle of view and exposure.

I hope you enjoy the photo, as I do!

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