Basic Instincts

Day 47 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I went on a tour along the river Amber in the area of the city of Fürstenfeldbruck. On this tour, I encountered a variety of wild birds as well as plants and insects. My favourite picture of today shows a pair of ladybirds, closely entwined during mating.

I must admit that this is the first time for me to observe a pair of ladybirds mating. It wasn’t easy to get a sharp picture of the two of them, because the male ladybird was making a significant effort!

In the end, I was lucky again!

Anser anser

Day 32 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

After having focused on flowers, plants and landscapes in the past days, today I focused on wildlife in the vicinity of my home. I discovered this greylag goose at one of the artificial lakes on the grounds of Munich’s Technical University.

In the beginning, the goose took a close look at me, but over time it lost more and more interest in me. I sat down on the ground and watched the goose for about 15 minutes. During this time, the goose came closer and closer and apparently accepted me as not dangerous. In the end, the goose even came so close that I had problems to take full pictures with my 70-200 mm Nikkor lens.

Wildlife photography really requires a considerable portion of patience!

Crowded Place!

Day 31 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

One month has passed by since I started my 365 Photo Challenge and I have to say, I regret that I haven’t started earlier with it!

Not only I am investing more time in developing further my photographic skills. I am also sharpening my view for the little things in life!

Therefore, if you considered doing a one-year photo project, then don’t hesitate and start immediately! Don’t find an excuse for not beginning it!

Now to today’s image. I called „Crowded Place“ because the meadows currently are filled with plants, flowers, and insects. Most of the time, I am isolating them to draw your attention to a specific one, but for this image, I chose to show you the variety of life in a field and its related chaos.

I hope you enjoy it!

Prunus laurocerasus

Day 27 of my 365 Photo Channel.

Since the weather is still very changeable, I limited my motive search today to the immediate vicinity of my house. Luckily, there are enough plants in my garden, which I haven’t photographed yet.

Now, due to the rain, the plants are sprouting their flowers and leaves.

I just had to wait until the sun was covered by thick clouds again and then take a close-up with my Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8.

I think I hit the laurel cherry well!

The Three Sister

Day 26 of my 365 Photo Challenge

Actually today I had intended to photograph a building at night. Due to the heavy rain, I had to change my plans. So I adjusted a rain interruption in the afternoon and made my way to the adjacent Isar floodplains to photograph plants there. Once again, I had a lot of luck. Not far from my house, I discovered these three dandelion flowers close together and asked to be photographed.

Again I used my Nikkor 70 – 200 mm lenses, which as always, provided a beautiful bokeh.

This time I use my tripod to get on eye level with the flower heads. It was not easy to find the right composition. In the end, I had to fix the one or the other flower as well as grass stalks with stones on the ground to get a free run on the 3 dandelion flowers. But I think, in the end, it was a successful shot!

Have fun watching it!

Lonicera implexa Aiton

Day 25 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

I was particularly lucky today with my Foto challenge. After it had been raining continuously since this morning, the weather suddenly improved and I used this brake for a tour into the local forest.

I came across this plant, a Lonicera implexa Aiton, which had been in my eye for days. The diffuse light came in handy again, and I was able to take a close-up relatively easily—this time I used my Nikon 70 – 200 mm 2.8 lens again. Because of the approaching rain, I did not use a tripod.

I hope you like the motives today again!

Taraxacum officinale

Day 19 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Out today to capture wildflowers. The weather is very favourable due to thick cloud layers, providing a very soft and defused lighting.

The picture shows a dandelion which has already lost half of its spores. Only 2 of the spores had remained on the upper surface. I was able to get the camera in position just in time to catch the jump of the one.

Again, the luck was on my side!


Vaccinium Myrtillus

Day 18 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Although 18 days have passed by, my motivation for the photo challenge is still high. Every day that is my feeling, it gets easier and more comfortable to concentrate on the upcoming photo and to find new motifs.

For today’s image, my blueberry bush had to serve as photo motif.

It is now three years old, and while in the previous two years the yield of blueberries was meagre, this year a record yield of berries is about to be achieved.

I liked the way the diffused sunlight highlighted the flowers in the shadow on my rooftop balcony, creating this beautiful soft bokeh in the background.

The only thing I had to do was to choose the right Aperture, and Exposure to ensure enough sharpness in the middle of the frame and to blur the busy background to draw your attention solely on the flowers!

Be inspired, be fascinated, be motivated!

Spring is all-around!

Day 16 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

It is visible; Spring is all-round, and wildlife shows great hectic to prepare for the breeding season.

To be precise, I heard him before I could see him. He sat on a low-hanging branch and twanged excitedly and loudly.

After I spotted him, I could see the caterpillar in his beak. It seemed to me that he wanted to show everyone what he had caught proudly.

He was so engrossed in his activities that I was able to bring my camera into position and take several photos of him without a hurry.

Sometimes you have to be lucky!

The musical Conni

Day 11 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I focused again on macro photography.
More precisely, the depiction of toy figures. This time I used my Nikon 50mm F1.4.

The motif was Conni.

Conni is one of the six famous mascots of the 2nd German state television channel, called the Mainzelmännchen.

He has the most childlike demeanour in the group and is especially looked after by Det paternalistically, which implies that he is the youngest of the group.

The figure was produced in 1964

For the exposure, I use natural window light. To brighten up the left side, I took white cardboard.

I wish you a lot of fun while watching Conni!