Day 69 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

After a 4 hours mountain tour with 13 km distance, I grabbed my camera equipment again to take another picture in the area of the Munich subway.

The motive of today’s photo was the subway station “Dülferstrasse”.

The station was built between March 1987 and October 1993 and designed by Jürgen Rauch and the architectural office Lanz. It stands out from the other stations due to its colourful design by Ricarda Dietz and the Lanz office.

The spatial structure is also unusual: the entrances were initially concentrated on the western part of the building, which has an underground mezzanine in the form of an accessible gallery. Daylight enters the building through two light openings in the ceiling and a vertical opening above the platform.

In the east, the space above the platform becomes a large hall with a vaulted ceiling and high central columns. The colourful glass panelling by Dietz creates a cheerful atmosphere here.

For this photo, I used a panorama head and made a two-line panorama photo, because even with a 14-24mm lens, it was not possible to capture the hall ceiling and the gallery in the right perspective.

It should be noted that this was really fun. Some of the passing passengers must have been very surprised by what I was doing with all the equipment.

Let me know if you like the picture!