The BMW four-cylinder

Day 97 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I continued my Photo Challenge with architectural photography. As motives, I took the BMW four-cylinder, also called the BMW tower.

It is the main administration building and landmark of the car manufacturer BMW in Munich. The building is 101 m high and has a diameter of 52.30 meters.

The BMW Tower is one of the most remarkable examples of modern architecture in Munich. It consists of four vertical cylinders arranged next to each other in the shape of a cross, each cylinder being divided horizontally again by retracting the façade above the centre. I was lucky because there were plenty of fast-moving clouds which added this unique atmosphere to the building.

To blur the clouds, I employed a polariser and a 10 Stop ND Filter.

Underground Station Milbertshofen

Day 72 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today I visited the underground station Milbertshofen.

The platform, which is covered with light-coloured panels, is illuminated from large reflectors mounted on the ceiling as a canopy. The fluorescent tubes are alternately tilted outwards and inwards.

The hexagonal columns were covered with reddish shining granite. The turquoise primed rear track walls are fitted with horizontally running support elements, which are covered with mosaic glass tiles.

This arrangement is only interrupted in the middle, as there are significant support elements with red and blue mosaic tiles.

Also here I use a shallow camera angle and a 14-24mm lens to avoid falling lines.

This is the ninth photo for my Munich subway station project. Unfortunately, it is now becoming more challenging to find new stations. But that’s the way it is with photography, you have to continually invent new ones to be able to continue to take attractive pictures.

Have fun watching.

Underground Station Frankfurter Ring

Day 68 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today’s photo was taken at the subway station Frankfurter Ring. The station is named after the intersecting main road and was opened on November 20, 1993.

The ceiling is made of corrugated anodized aluminium that diffuses light like a bird’s wing.

In the same way, the columns in the middle of the platform are clad with aluminium sheeting in the lower part to protect them from dirt, which also sets a design accent.

The rear track walls were covered by Ricarda Dietz with mosaics of light and blue glass tiles, with animal motifs appearing again and again.

The picture was taken with a 14-24mm lens, and Nikon D850 positioned on a tripod with a shallow shooting angle.

Due to the Corona crisis, the number of people in the area of the Munich subway is lower as usual. Due to this, the cleanliness of the station ist much better and saves me the post-processing.

Therefore I try to finish the series of pictures within the next days.

Have fun looking at the photo.

Underground Station Wettersteinplatz

Day 67 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

After an excursion day into nature photography, I continued my photo series about the underground stations of Munich today. This time the destination was the underground station Wettersteinplatz.

The 4.40-meter high station has aluminium panels reflecting on the ceiling, which partly cancel out the low ceiling height. They also serve to achieve a high lighting effect with the lamps. The rear track walls are painted blue-green on track 1 and red on track 2, creating a strong contrast effect.

Unfortunately, some of the aluminium plates were missing due to electrical work. Still, this absence intensified the surreal atmosphere in the station.

What do you think?

Underground Station Grosshadern

Day 65 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today’s destination of my photo trip was the underground station Großhadern.

The station was opened on May 22, 1993, and is named after the district Großhadern.

Like in the underground station Klinikum Großhadern, the backtrack walls are made of tiles showing a mountain landscape.

The columns are covered with yellow tiles.

Above the platform, which is covered with granite slabs, a reflector construction is mounted. It consists of aluminium lamellas and is aligned to the lamps between the columns.

As in the previous stations, I use a low camera position to focus the vanishing lines in the middle of the picture.

Underground Station Josephsburg

Day 64 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

For this photo, I spend another day in Munich’s underground. This time I visited the underground station Josephsburg and is located in the Munich district Berg am Laim.

At both platform ends, there are counter halls that bring daylight into the column-less platform.

Furthermore, the station is illuminated by two light bands with green, blue and yellow glass plates across. The rear track walls are in red.

The ceiling is made of concrete, from which hangs a pyramid-shaped metal band that slopes downwards and also serves as a light reflector. The floor is covered with light grey and black granite slabs, which are laid out like a chessboard.

For this photo, I chose a low camera position and centred the guiding lines of the walls and the platform in the middle of the shot.

As a lens I again used my Nikon 14-24mm f2.8, which is ideal for architectural photos because of its low chromatic distortion as well as sharpness.

Underground Station Boehmerwaldplatz

Day 63 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Another rainy day. Therefore I decided to continue with the creation of photos of subway stations in Munich.

The destination of my photo trip today was the subway station „Böhmerwaldplatz“, which is located in the district „Bogenhausen“.

The platform is located in a curve and has a row of columns in the middle of the platform.

These columns are covered with green enamelled metal sheets, which are tree-shaped in the upper area, which reminds of the eponymous Böhmerwald. This „tree row“ spans almost the entire platform area.

The walls are clad with light blue metal sheets, which offer a sharp contrast to the bright green.

I decided to photograph the station with one of the columns directly in the middle to continue the surreal look.

I hope that I succeeded?

Underground Station Westfriedhof

Day 62 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Because of the bad weather on this day, I went into the underground. I have had planned this shot for almost a year.

Due to a considerable workload at work and home, I never managed to visit the station before.

So, I was quite happy, finally being able to frame the station in an image. The station looks so surreal with its vast ceiling lights, which shine in different colours.

It took me a while before the station became empty. In the end, I had to stop people passing my location, leaving the space empty for me to take the photo.

For the shooting, I utilized my Nikon D850 on my GITZO tripod, attached with a Nikkor 14-24 mm f2.8. Composition wise, I used the Life view mode to get the right angle of view and exposure.

I hope you enjoy the photo, as I do!